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UMBC In the Loop

“In the Loop” is a series of half-hour programs highlighting the work of UMBC faculty in research and the arts. The Studio in conjunction with MCS/ART 395 produce episodes for broadcast on the Knowledge Network and YouTube.

Programs include the following:

  • Govind Rao & Ellen Handler Spitz - Dr. Govind Rao, Professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and Director of the CAST Lab talks with Dr. Ellen Handler Spitz, Honors College Professor, Visual Arts about the intersection of science and the arts.
  • Manil Suri - UMBC President Freeman Hrabowski interviews Dr. Manil Suri, professor of mathematics and best-selling novelist on his teaching, research and two novels, “The Death of Vishnu” and “The Age of Shiva.”
  • Christopher Corbett: Orphans Preferred - Host Ed Beimfohr interviews Christopher Corbett, Author of “Orphans Preferred: The Twisted Truth and Lasting Legend of the Pony Express.”
  • Preminda Jacob: Celluloid Deities - UMBC Arts professor Dr. Preminda Jacob discusses her new book “Celluloid Deities” with mathematician and novelist Manil Suri.
  • Carlo DiClemente - Mike Lurie, Director of Media Relations at UMBC talks with Dr. Carlo DiClemente, Professor of Psychology about two of his books: “Changing for Good” and “Addiction and Change.”
  • Stephen Braude - Chair of the Department of Philosophy and author of “The Gold Leaf Lady and Other Parapsychological Investigations “ is interviewed by Dr. John Rennie Short.
  • John Rennie Short - professor of Public Policy at the University of Maryland, Baltimore discusses his two most recent books, “Cartographic Encounters” and “Cities and Nature” with host Stephen Braude.
  • Anne Sarah Rubin and Kelley Bell - Anne Sarah Rubin and Visual Arts professor Kelley Bell discuss their interdisciplinary project "Sherman's March and America: Mapping Memory" with Dr. Kriste Lindenmeyer, former Chair of the History department.
  • Erle Ellis - Dr. Erle Ellis, Associate Professor Geography & Environmental Systems speaks with host Karin Readel on how humans are changing the planet from a point of view of land use in the biosphere. "Anthropogenic Biomes: A Framework for Ecology & Earth Science in the 21st Century."
  • Sandra Herbert - UMBC History Professor Emerita Sandra Herbert talks with host Dr. Joe Tatarewicz about her career as a Darwin scholar and her most recent book, "Charles Darwin, Geologist."
  • Christine Mallinson - Dr. Christine Mallinson, Assistant Professor in UMBC's Language Literacy and Culture Program talks with host Jason Loviglio about her new book "Understanding English Language Variation in U.S. Schools."
  • Christopher Corbett: The Poker Bride - Christopher Corbett talks with Jason Loviglio, Director of Media and Communication Studies at UMBC, about his new book " The Poker Bride: the First Chinese in the West."
  • Mary Stuart - Dr. Mary Stuart, Professor and Director of UMBC's Health Administration Policy Program talks with host Janet McGlynn about her research in chronic disease prevention and management.
  • Anne Spence - Dr. Anne Spence talks with Dr. Susan Hoban about her career, women in engineering and STEM education.
  • Wallace McMillan - Dr. Wallace McMillan talks with host Dr. Erle Ellis about his work using satellite imaging to monitor carbon emissions globally and forecasting pollution from space.
  • Edward Larkey - Dr. Edward Larkey of UMBC's Modern Language, Linguistics and Intercultural Communications program talks with host Dr. Denis Provencher about his research into German popular culture.
  • Peace Corp at 50 - Dr. Joby Taylor, Director of the Shriver Center's Peaceworker Program talks with former Peace Corp volunteers Jennifer Arndt Robinson and Oscar Sinclair.
  • Sustainability on Campus Part 1 - Sustainability Interns Jo-Z Schwartz and Maddy Hall discuss initiatives underway on campus including composting in the dining hall.
  • Sustainability on Campus Part 2 - Sustainability Interns Jo-Z Schwartz Laura Blevins and Brianna Rose discuss initiatives underway on campus including biodeisel, zip cars and hydration stations.

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